To setup Alerts, launch the GRIDSMART Client and click the Site Card for the site of interest.

Enter the Site Configuration Screen by clicking the pencil icon in the Site Menu.  

Once you are in the site configuration screen select the "Alerts" button.

This will open a list of existing Alerts. 

To create a new Alert click "New" in the top menu of the window. Select Site Alerts.

If you do not have the Performance+ data module you will be limited on which Alerts are available. If the Alert is grayed out and has a lock icon the Alert is not available.

Select the alert type you wish to setup. This example will use the "All System Events" Alert. The next step will ask that you add an email that you would like to receive the Alert.

Type a name for the Alert. This will be included in the email Alert.  Begin typing in the "add contact" field. If it is the first time this contact is used you will have to type the entire email address and press enter. If the Email has been used before you can select it out of the list that pops up below the field. Once you have added the address click Next.

The following window will pop up - 

Click OK and publish the changes to the site. You will now receive an email anytime a system event occurs. 

Examples of what the "All System Events" Alert would send out are  - Publish, Startup, IP address change and Camera Offline / Online.