This is a maintenance release to add feature and/or correct the below mentioned issues. 

  1. When duplicating Scenario, Scenario Manger now copies the TIA data. 
  2. Network Settings default vehicle length now displays the correct value while loading ‘Defaults’ in metric units. 
  3. Synchro displays the offline Bing Maps with or without internet connection. 
  4. The Scenario Comparisons Report now displays scenarios in the same order as the Scenario Manager window. 
  5. In previous versions, HCM 6th Ed Signalized report in .txt format had some alignment issues. That has been corrected. 
  6. Storage Length under HCM 6th TWSC report now displays the correct value in metric units. 
  7. Node numbers are now visible on the Map View upon clicking “Show Node Numbers” under TIA Map Settings. 
  8. The support link within Synchro now navigates to the new support portal. 
  9. When making updates to a file saved on a network server, some users were experiencing slowdowns. This has been corrected.

To get the latest update go here to download -